IT applications development

Applications development become more and more popular . And it's not surprising because the job of developer is prospective and well-paid. If you you are interested in this sphere and dream about working on the apps development company - you can have solid future . But to start working there you have to know the basis of applocation development.It will not be costly because you can find a lot of information on the internet. Remember, that your knowledge define your possibilities. Here we have selected only the most important information and advice which you should be aware of.

What is application development

First of all, you need to understand what is application development. 

Application (soft program) development is a multilevel process of soft programs creation , which includes a huge number of steps and tasks.There are three main types of applications : native, hybrid and web-appplications. Difference between gybrid and native is that nativemobile apps can work even without internet connection. Web-application is just the mobile version of the site.

The stages of IT applications development

As we have mentioned above the process of application dvelopment is complicated. It includes a lot of stages and tasks and demands a team of workers. It goes without saying, that every of them should be aware of his task, he should work in a team. What about workflow, ithere are three main stages of application developmen.

  1. User Story. The product should be customized to the number of potential customers. You need to have the information about them, their needs, tastes and abilities to create the product convenient to their use.
  2. Creating of the project and design of application. This stage is custom creation from top to bottom, from writting codes to creating design. Most workers are working on this stage.
  3. Testing. This stage is the last , it starts after finishing the project. It needs thoughtful workers, who will taste application to find mistakes and bugs.

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