Learn about Eclipse application development!

Developing Android applications can be a fun and exciting experience. To get started creating Android applications, you need a proper development environment. This will allow you to use all the tools needed to create an app and ensure you work efficiently. For making this right you will need a good beginner tutorial. Next are just some common tips.
Working with Android, you need to create Android Virtual Device, which you will use to test your Android applications. To do this, open Eclipse and Launch Android AVD Manager from options Window > AVD Manager and click on New which will create a successful Android Virtual Device. You are now ready to create a simple Android App.
Before we write the code, you need to know how to take input from the user. The most efficient way of taking input from the user is to use the Scanner class, which is found in the java.io package as it is just a two-step process.

Testing is as important as developing the app because your app will be of no use if it doesn't run properly or shows errors. Luckily, there is an integrated testing framework in Android Framework, which you can use to test all the aspects of your application. SDK tools can also help set up and test applications. SDK will help you test different aspects of your app no matter if you are planning on running your tests within an emulator or any Android device.

To create a test project in Eclipse with ADT, launch Eclipse from the Start Menu and click on File > New > Other and from the drop-down menu, click on Android Test Project, then at the bottom of the dialog click Next. Enter any name you want and in the Test Target panel, set An Existing Android Project and browse to the Rock Paper Scissors app you made. Now you should be able to see the wizard completing the Test Target Package, Application Name, and Package Name fields for you.
Choose the Android SDK platform from the Build Target Panel that the application to be tested is using. Click the Finish button to complete the Wizard and if it is disabled, look for error messages at the top to fix any problems.