Oerview of portfolio lifecycle management of Raduga's apps

Today's marketplace is highly demanding and extremely turbulant, everybody wants to adopt new improvement initiatives and develop as many products as possible to secure a piece of the market for themselves. If you directly follow in pursuit of such objectives it will not be enough given the curcumstances of competitiveness. One of the most important things is to concoct sound strategic planning and never loose the sight of it. It is difficult decisions to choose with which project you should go and in what software you should make investments. There is reseauch information according to which companies ussualy adopt portfolio management in order to maintain a dynamic designe process that allows them to revise all the projects, consider different options, run the evalution and selection of prospective projects. We have an opinion that states that the portfolio decision process is defined by multiple factors like dynamic opportunities, project interdependence, numerous decision makers, different goals.