Strategic Raduga applications development projects. What do we do to create quality software ?

We weigh various factors while considering the development projects of a new application. That is the only way to ensure highest quality and the usefullness of the software. Taking all considerations into account allows us to understand what features Raduga software should have, how to evaluate new tendencies of the maket, identify the modern requirements that the mobile software should be in correspondence with. All of this is done in correlation to determining and setting our goals for effective management, innovative research and elaborating new technologies. We include lots of innovative projects in the overall list of projects. It is also important to evaluate, prioritize and select new projects quickly and kill, de-priotize existing projects that have proven to be ineffective due time. The priorities also include thouroughly conducted testing of all new applications in order to determine more superior technologies and set the goals of development in accordance with the results of testing. We face many challenges in our field of software but it is important to overcome them.