Using Raduga for Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) Java development

Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) development includes OAF personalization that does not require Java coding, and the OAF extension that requires developers to modify Java code.
Migrating Oracle framework personalizations can be an annoying process. Here is what has to happen, according to Oracle Metalink note 344204.1: The database administrator must locate the appropriate HTML document page name, export its definitions, move the XML file to the target environment and run a command to import the framework personalization definition into the database.
If you consider that sometimes there are dozens of personalizations that need to be migrated, the overall process can be very time-consuming. Raduga lets you complete personalizations migration in just a few clicks and by dragging and dropping the personalizations from one Raduga panel to another.

The Oracle Java framework extension requires a programmer with strong skills in Java development as well as deep understanding of the Oracle Applications Framework (OAF). Raduga simplifies the search for the corresponding Java classes by redirecting the user to the correct path on the physical server. Raduga enables Java class decompilation (requires the corresponding decompiler to be installed on the server) and Java source compilation.

Raduga automates the OAF substitution process. The Java programmer creates the JPX file and send it to the server. The content of the JPX file will be automatically loaded to the MDS repository.
The details about this process can be found in Oracle Metalink note 1315485.1:

To summarize, Raduga can simplify the many stages of the OAF development process: searching for the corresponding Java class, getting it to the local development area, decompiling it, editing the Java source code, compiling and sending the class to the corresponding directory on the server and making the substitution in the MDS repository.
A simpler process helps make a faster and more error-free development project.


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