Why do Oracle Application Developers Choose Raduga?

Raduga is a modern tool for Oracle application developers. It gives many options to users through its simple, intuitive interface. You can quickly and easily navigate between environments, applications, the file system, and database objects.

Raduga uses up-to-date, multi-purpose Oracle technology that can help Oracle application developers find necessary objects, perform file transfers and complete object deployment. There is no need to master a complicated infrastructure. With Raduga, any Oracle application development company can create, edit and deploy development projects that contain various kinds of the Oracle Application objects. Raduga also gives the programmers plenty of new possibilities to compare objects and save and manage object versions.

Raduga creates a convenient working environment. From one application you have access to many useful functions.

You can easily customize Raduga to suit to your company’s needs and to increase the effectiveness and organization of your team's work. Raduga is flexible and highly configurable.

As a part of Raduga configuration, the database administrator defines in Raduga the physical architecture of the working environment: servers, applications, users, passwords, and many other objects. Once defined, the environment’s definitions can be cloned to configure additional environments.

Raduga comes with a set of existing entities that allow working with many Oracle Applications and database objects. However, a Raduga developer can customize existing entities and create new ones to support custom objects that are not included in Raduga’s standard entities.

Project managers in Oracle application development companies will definitely appreciate access to Raduga reports that summarize activities: project deployments, object transfers, users and responsibilities.

Project managers gain versatile control over the whole development life cycle.
Raduga users have access to a set of pre-defined reports that show information about different Raduga actions, as well as E-Business Suite data. Raduga developers can create new reports and customize the existing ones to match the needs of the development project.

For your convenience, newer versions of Raduga introduce project approval and notification features.

Oracle implementers can use Raduga for data loading tasks and to interface file transfers. Raduga allows recording Oracle E-Business Suite actions into the FLD file you can transfer to the local directory and edit using third-party software like DataLoad Professional. Later on, you can transfer the file back to the server to load data into the Oracle Applications environment.

Programmers using Raduga for Oracle application development can easily save, restore, and update objects, and compare objects from different environments and applications. Raduga helps you move applications or database objects with a single click, and even create your own specific rules for migrating custom objects.

We are sure that Raduga will become an indispensable tool and a reliable assistant for team leaders, project managers, and hard-working programmers in your company. You can download a fully functional 30-day trial version, and later purchase licenses according to your company's needs. Your employees will be glad to discover and use new-generation technologies vital for any development company.


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