Discover the ALM process with Raduga's ALM suite

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a crucially important element for creating applications. ALM - is governing, developing and managing the life of an application. The main difference from Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is that SDLC has to do with phases of software development but ALM is a much more broader field in development of applications. Which is why our software is of a new generation, providing fast delivery of engaging applications along with excellent perfomance and high quality. In order to be ahead of the competetion, we have modified the ALM's methodology and process stages consistently achiving the maintainance of speed and quality. Our ALM software is desined to be an open platfom in order for you to plan, test, define and accelarate the applications.

Comprehensive undastanding of ALM and modern tendencies is of great importance because it allows to plan the full life cycle of the application and create better solutions along with maintainig high perfomance. Raduga's software features various options that you will find very useful and allows you to access updated information without having to deal with manual data gathering. It integrates directly into your build environment and continuous integration. With this feature you can easily view the release pipelines or without difficulties adjust changing validations and it also creates regression tests. Aside from that, quality in any kind of software needs to be consistent to deliver the required support.