Do you really want to work as a manager of application development?

What does the meneger's position require?

It's not a secret that creation of successful applications needs a lot of efforts. Maneagment of of this workflow requires controlling every step , from top to bottom, from creation of team to testing your application. First of all, working team should be established. It ought to include hardworking, creative and quickthinking people, who will also be able to work in the team productively. They should work as well-coordinated mechanism, it's impossible in team when someone is alone. So, first of all, good manager needs to assemble a team. Of course, he doesn't need to do it by himself, but anyway he should coordinate this process. It is such a difficult task, because you need to choose not only good workers, but people who will be able to work together.

After that meneger as a director of project needs a clear and consistent plan of work. He also needs to remember people who were given a job by him, about their working conditions and salary. Besides, he should think of every detail, of every stage of workflow. Mainly, there are three main stages of workflow. Here is a description of them.The first stage is called User Story. The magaer's duty is to organize qualitative and and comprehensive studying of the audience of users. It is ver important, because only this stage gives you an opportunity to anticipate and avoid mistakes and disadvantages, which users could face in the process of working and which will make their using less comfortable. The second stage is creating of the project and design. This stage is the biggest and, probably, the most difficult one. It contains a huge number of less stages and even jobs, so manager needs to coordinatel every of them. It requires development of application from top to bottom, from technical aspects to design. Work should be planned perfectly clear and gradually. Every possible pitfall should be taken into consideration and predicted. And, finally, the third stage starts when you finish application development. It consists testing application in order to reveal every existing mistake and weakness.

So if you want to realize yourself as a successful manager you should be able to do everything in te workflow and coordinate it rigthly. You also need to have an experience of work as a simple developer to know and understand many things which are invisible at the surface perception. And you should always count on support of Raduga which is created in order to simplify the manager's work!