How to Develop Android Applications Easily and Quickly

Google’s Android has always been and remains the most demanded mobile platform in the market. Each new day specialists develop a broad array of applications and tools especially for devices based on this OS. It better integrates with the majority of Google services and its open structure allows equipping apps with a rich kit of features. However, when it comes to developing an application of your own, the choice of developers is overwhelming: what environment or SDK should I choose? The in-house Android SDK, called AIDE, proved to be a good tool, Oracle manufactured Java development kit is a reliable kit too… No matter what is your final choice, the Raduga app will take care of your app’s development process in every environment in the cutest way. With our app, everything becomes simple and clear.

We are a company that has been working with Oracle Applications modules for a long time. Today we are proud to offer our customers an in-house solution called Raduga. This software is compatible with many development environments – just choose the one you would like to work with in program’s settings form and start creating the Android app in a familiar way. In case you choose the Oracle JDK, you may use our ready-to-use default configuration files. All you need to do is just to customize them according to your specific requirements and company’s needs.  Deploy, debug, and test your application via emulator in a secure and flawless way, from designing the interface to launching it. See the tutorials we’ve written to you and find a step-by-step guide on creating Android app with Raduga developer suite. Learn how to cope with this daunting task in the easiest way.

Here are some genres of application the beginners can create using our SDK:

  • Business and finance. Need a web store? A finance management app? An invoicing platform? Our software will help you!
  • Education. Whether you want to help your customers to learn a new language or provide them with a tutorial on different subjects, just find the needed code.
  • Music, photo & video. Let your users stream music from the cloud, shoot high-quality photos and videos and post them everywhere with one click!
  • Sports & health. More and more people are concerned with their lifestyle and you can benefit from it. Of course, with our app.
  • Utilities. This is a category that never falls short of demand. We will make sure your utility app has all necessary features to fulfill its purpose.

Create apps full of useful and unique features from scratch. The only thing that can limit the functionality of your future software is the flight of your fancy.

For today, we can offer our clients more than 70 ready-to-use entities that can be easily changed to meet your demands. We making the majority of operations the Raduga app uses Oracle API.  

How does the development process run?

1.    Collecting information.

First and foremost, choose the main theme of the app, its target audience. Think over its future monetization. Remember, that your initial requirements may change a bit in the process. Once the final concept is set, plan out our further steps and start working on the project.

2.    Choosing a design.

Representation is half the success, so you need to consider the design style very carefully.

3.    Choosing the configuration file.

Now the most important and bulky step – this is when the app is actually born. You can miss the process of making key assets, including objects, animations, background, etc. We have already coded the basic mechanics for you.

4.    Delivering the app.

That’s it, the app is ready! Now all that’s left to do is to test it out, show it to you for approval and submit into Android Store. It won’t be long before the first users kick in!

Why Raduga?

Our users can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Simple migration of the objects from one development environment into another;
  • User-friendly interface allowing easy navigation among entities;
  • The possibility to compare objects;
  • Tracking the history of apps deployments;
  • The capabilities to load all needed data;
  • Easy and quick customization of default configuration files according to specific requirements;
  • Getting informative reports;
  • The possibility to transfer files;
  • The enhanced level of security.

So what are you waiting for? Contact the Radugaapps Company if you have some additional questions and get a top-quality assistance from our dedicated and faithful 24/7 client customer service. We are always happy to strike new lucrative partnerships!