Learn how to change your project's lifecycle!

Change Request undergoes following stages in its life cycle:

Identify & Submit Change Request

At the Identify & Submit stage the Change Request is identified and should be submitted into the system in the Issues/Change Request page. Submission of the Change Request guarantees that it will not be lost and will be properly tracked.
It is highly recommended to accurately enter all available information on the Change Request. It is a best practice to accompany the description of the requirement or change with the relevant use case scenarios or relevant "what if" analysis relating to the change impact.

Evaluate & Approve Change Request

At this stage you will determine technical feasibility of the change, analyze costs, estimate time frame and determine the benefits. Many Change Requests should go through an approval process by a team of specialists. In many companies such a team is called a Change Control Board (CCB). Be sure to assemble such teams for the Change Request.

Plan the Change

At this step you will plan the Change Request implementation (resolution). Preliminary planning provides team members with the estimations of work, time and budget investments for the change request approval process.
Final planning provides the implementation team with the schedule and content of the required related works. To provide the implementation plan for the Change Request, you can link it to the work item; project, milestone or task, in the project that is targeted for change implementation.
This work item and its sub work items represent the work plan for change implementation. You will be able to review the estimated scope of work that need to be dedicated to the change in the properties of the Change Request. The budget can be overviewed in the properties of the work item itself.

Implement & Test the Change

This is a phase where you implement the change. If you work with the related work plan, work according to this plan in Clarizen. The related work plan can still be fine tuned at this phase. Use the Mark Resolved command to switch to the next Verification phase of the life cycle after you completed all the work required for the change implementation.

Verify Implementation of the Change

This is a phase where you verify the Change Request implementation. Use the definitions of the change done at the first phase of the life cycle, requirement documents and collaboration materials that were created through all phases to verify the status of all elements.