Prospects of developing windows application

Main stages of windows application developent

OS from Microsoft company is probably the most  demand. It's used by 90% of computer users, it's the most suitable and comfortable OS for every goals - from environment and communication to working and creating IT projects. It's understandable that comfortable using of this Operating System needs creating more and more applications. The most famous and useful windows applications you can see on the desktop. Actually, windows applications are appearing at a breakneck pace and  its creating is popular and demand work. It's also well-paid and perspective, because different groups of people all over the world need more and more applications for a big variety if goals. If you wan to realize yourself in this sphere - this article is for you.

The developing of soft program is difficult and staged work. Let's understand how to develop it. There are three main steps of creating soft programmes .
The first step is the User Story. You should study the audience of customers and be aware of their main needs. You should even be able to predict main disadvantages of project which can cause discomfort among users. The next step is creating of soft program and its design. It consists of many less steps. It is the creating of project from top to bottom, from technical aspects to design. And the third step begins only after finising the creating of soft program. The application should be tested to reveal mistakes.

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