Raduga - application for developers and managers

What is Raduga?

Raduga is a powerful tool for those working with Oracle or other environment. It combines instruments, that will help in managing data and make development process easier.

Originally Raduga was devised for Oracle, but even now, when it supports all major development environments, legacy of Raduga still has an impact. Its specialisation is in working with Oracle E-Business Suite, helping to navigate between directories, servers and objects. All can be managed easy and quick - salary, job status, employees, and every aspect of business will be systemised and sustained. If work is conjugated with complicated and tangled structure, Raguda will make it easy to find what is needed, and to arrange all objects properly. Also, it's easy to compare what must be compared, and to combine objects in common projects when it's necessary.

For application developers working on Oracle, such tool as Raduga will help to concentrate on coding itself, not being distracted by managing massive amounts of information. Navigating through intuitive interface, every object will be in sight, freeing time and energy, that otherwise would be spent on exhausting micromanagement.

It's easy to distribute work between company members, giving them different access rights, and customizing every aspect of work with environment. Customizing is what makes Raduga so great for every company, because is completely unlimited. Only limit is what company needs - if it needs what basic Raduga lacks, that can be easily added. The higher company's needs are, the more helpful Raduga gets, busting effectiveness of work. All is customised by administrator: working servers, base of applications, catalogue of users, passwords and its type. Created once, template may be used in other projects, changed or not. Also, administrator can change basic entities, if it's needed to support previously unsupported objects - mostly custom ones, that are not included in standard list.

System of reports, used by Raduga, also makes it indispensable tool for any developer team. All data is summarized and clearly explained. Information about project's status and deployment, transportation of objects between projects, roles and contribution of users, changes in budget and salaries - all is given and explained.

Administrator can customise the way reports are made, or use basic ones. They can be integrated in many environments, including Oracle E-Business Suite. Thanks to that, project will be under qualitative supervision through all life cycle of development. Having the possibility to change the way that reports are given, project leader can maximize effectiveness of work, and make needed intervention in time. When the work is mostly done, instruments of project approval and future notifications also will be of use.

Raduga can be used not only as data editor and development program, but also as way to load and transfer needed amounts and types of data. Being exported through Raduga, data from Oracle E-Business Suite can be used in other software and then returned back. Objects can be stored and updated, being imported from different environment or application. That doesn't require any specific skills - all is made by the single click. Even rules, by which objects are transported, can be changed.

Managing big project on Raduga is a task, that wouldn't be burden on the shoulders of developer. It's easy in use, extremely customizable, and is always updating. Right now you can use free trial version, that has the full potential of Raduga. When you will see, that every function of Raduga is indispensable and worth it's money, you can finally buy it.

We hope, that you wouldn't be disappointed!