Raduga – Reducing Software Bug Life Cycle!

Even the most sophisticated and experienced app developer can’t escape creating a program absolutely bug-free. The ability to test upcoming products, reveal errors at the earliest stages and remove them efficiently from the code is important for programmers. Luckily, nowadays there is no need to seek error falling back upon individual actions only. The Raduga app allows collecting detailed information about bugs into the separate log file. Besides, you may see the appropriate data right on the console. As a result, the software bug life cycle is reduced to a minimum!

What do we Offer?

•    Reproduce the problem

Navigate to the Raduga Private Configuration menu, enable log level concerning debugging and reproduce the defect at the chosen log level. No more routine searching and testing! Just a pair of clicks and your issue is fixed!   

•    24/7 client support service

Should there be any trouble, we are always easy to reach. Our support team works in round-the-clock mode and is ready to put their minds to any issue at hand. You can be sure that even if your customer's experience goes to the minor side, we will improve the situation in the shortest time!

•    100% result

Be sure that all errors will be found and fixed quickly. They will never bother you again, saving  your precious time and money and making the project management easier.

Radugaaps is a company that knows how to improve your online business! Our long-termed experience in Oracle Applications department allowed us to create a premium-class app for software development that is equipped with quick bug fixing option. Just download the app and start your successful undertaking!