Raduga: a Breaking-Through Application Development Tool!

Our modern life is hard to imagine without digital technologies. They surround us everywhere – at home, in the office, in stores and public places. We carry them everywhere in our pockets. So, there is no surprise that application development is in such high demand nowadays. If you want your business to bring serious income, you’d better bring it online and do it quick! That’s why our company exists. We developed a Java app that will guide you through all stages of software creating in the most time-effective way.

What Do You Get When You Choose Raduga Developers Suite?

1.    The huge amount of entities that can be customized to your requirements and wishes in the shortest time. We have developed more than 70 ready-to-use entities. All you have to do is just to pick the one you liked the best.  We can guarantee 100% performance of the code we write. Our entities are rapid, scalable, easy-to-use and download. Your users will experience no app failures or lengthy downtimes. Trying to keep the code as simple as possible, we do our best to make complex features seamlessly work together.

2.    Intuitive interface. Our web-based software is easy to navigate. Even dummies will orient in it quickly.

3.    Our tool is equipped with Object Migration functionality that allows transferring codes and objects from one developing an environment to another. Be sure that the object migration is done via local networks to escape the unstable network connection.

4.    The unlimited trial version will provide you with full-scale experience of using the software. The program prohibits just simultaneous access by multiple users. 

5.    Getting detailed reports concerning objects’ usage, deployments, and many other things. Create reports about the all your projects and migration history in one click. This will keep you on track about all migrations.

6.    No need to install additional programs on the server. Raduga is a standalone tool compatible with major platforms, as Windows, Linux, Unix OS. The app’s internal use requires just creating several shared folders within the local network.  

7.    Database loading. Load all the needed information in one click.

8.    Sensitive adjusting of permissions for environments, objects, and entities. Just set up the appropriate rights to each working station and control the process via administrator access.     

9.    Multiplatform compatibility. While most developers’ kits focus on one type of OS, our app is designed both for desktop and mobile software creation. Whether you need an app for Windows or open-source systems like Linux, Android or iOS, our software will flawlessly help you to cope with the task. Our program works perfectly fine in any environment.

10.    Sleek design and premium features. The way your website or app looks is highly important for sales numbers. With our app, you will come up with a nice-looking and easily navigable design your customers will definitely like. Now, when your software has a pretty face, it’s time to take care of its functionality. You will be able to  pack it with all kinds of features contributing to your business strategy.

Our team consists of professional programmers who have developed thousands of applications. That is why, should there be any problems, we’ll fix them on first notice. Our experienced 24/7 customer support service team is always ready to answer how is the app acting in different situations and guide you through the entire troubleshooting process until the issue is solved. We’ll make sure your software works without a glitch!

What Type of App You Can Create with Raduga:

  • Finance and business. Whether you want to enhance your business with invoicing software or open yet another online store, our free application development tool will do it in the best possible way.
  • Education. People love learning online. Tutorial applications offer a fast and convenient way to do it.
  • Music, photography and video. No matter what happens, people will never stop listening to music or shooting photos. That’s why there will never be enough software of this kind. Good for you!
  • Fitness and health. Users all over the world grow more and more concerned with their lifestyle. Various activity tracking programs and calorie counters have never been so popular!
  • Utility software. There is always a lot to do in this field. Be sure that all features you have in mind will be implemented just as planned.
  • The Radugaapps Company is a long-term player in the software development market. We have created top-notch application development tool for creating breath-taking software. Maximum productivity and minimum bugs – this is a simple yet efficient recipe of our success. And yours as well!