Raduga: Application Developing for Dummies!

As our life becomes more and more dependent on digital technologies, moving your business online seems to be a wise and profitable decision. However, you need a well-written, feature-full application that would function according to your specific needs. The one that can be viewed either from PC or from mobile devices, such as a tablet, phone or other gadgets. We have found the quickest way for your working aspirations come true! The Raduga app is designed especially for various application developing. Our software is compatible with nearly all existing environment. But if you stop your choice on Oracle, be sure that we offer you more than 70 entities that can be easily customized according to your personal desires.

Here is the step-by-step blueprint on how  to create mobile application using Raduga developer suite:

  1. Make your thoughts clear about the object meant to be added to Raduga; create a design for the entity.  
  2. Make up your minds about steps, constants and services your object’s entity is going to use.
  3. Get down to entity type creating.
  4. Proceed to entity creating;
  5. Define the entity permissions.

Raduga developer suite is definitely a great choice if you want to end up with a smooth-running, feature-packed application. In case you join forces with other professional teams, you can take advantage of sharing information just via our app. Both developers and managers of the project have an access to the informational reports, describing the process of program development and its implementation in details. Every change is recorded in a special directory. There you may find information about the checking, restoring or revising the future undertaking sorted by date, author or version of the app.  

You may also check out the additional questions in the tutorial that we’ve written especially for you. There you will find all details concerning the app’s usage, some tips on the best software development and many other interesting facts. You will be able to know: what is the main secret of successful software building up. Furthermore, this knowledge may serve you well and make your business prospering and lucrative. 

We also organize training classes and web courses for beginning coders, willing to have a perfect command of web design and programming. After picking up our course, you will get a certificate testifying to your qualification. Our specialists will teach you all the basics of programs creating in Raduga suite.

Be free to contact our 24/7 customer support service and get answers to all questions!