Raduga Lifecycle Management Software

Apps development is recognized as a daunting task, requiring the team to inject total commitment, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness at each stage. Having a huge experience in working with the Oracle platform, we are proud to offer our customers a unique solution, making every step in software creating easier than ever. This is a breakthrough in the sphere of lifecycle management, which creation became possible due to our professional developer's team. Our specialists have a focused ability to concentrate on minutiae in the application maintenance, picking out details other teams might miss.   

In case your company focuses on software development too, you probably were unlucky to run into issues related to this resource-consuming and protracted process. If so, Raduga ALM is the best decision for you. Our engineers took care of all top brass and each manager job and had created Raduga lifecycle management software that is full of pleasant surprises. Being a powerful tool for implementers, Oracle developers, project managers and team leaders, our in-house ALM suggests the following benefits:

  • providing decision makers with a current information of funds invested into the project development;
  • downtime and waste time reducing via an informational bridge between the members;
  • easy object migration between different environment done in one click;
  • user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation;
  • simple object comparison;
  • the history  of deployment viewing capabilities;
  • data loading;
  • easy entities customization in accordance with the company requirements;
  • wide reporting related to deployment, object usage, and other operations.


Designed especially for managers, the Raduga app simplifies the process of apps creation in the greatest degree. With human element taking place, managers can overlook some crucial aspects that can impact the effectiveness of the plan. The complete automation of program developing stages in Raduga helps to avoid failures caused by some details missing. Our system will do everything by itself – the set of ALM tools will sort out all files putting them into logical folders, send reminders for upcoming tasks, bridge the gap and ease the communication between different teams and departments. In other words, be sure that purchasing the license for our product, you will definitely maximize the project development process, leading to a significant saving of time as a bonus.  

Our ALM is able to embrace large-scale activities thanks to using the up-to-date scripts, cloud-based technologies, and customized platforms. Be sure to meet the agile management suite, crew mindset, transparency of all works and their tracking, getting rid of daily meeting practice and waiting for continuous feedbacks, improving coordination and the whole app maintenance.   

The Raduga application was originally designed for Oracle, but now it is compatible with the majority of development environments. That is why you can expect that the app will support the target environment’s architecture and cover the full set of functionality within it, including database and file object processing. The secret is in defining multiple metadata objects, being responsible for the task. At this moment, our lifecycle management software offers a broad array of inbuilt and ready-to-use entities, which number exceeds 70 units. In case your client system has a certain amount of peculiarities, you can easily change entities according to your special requirements. In spite of such huge quantity of entities, its classification is rather simple. Each one is responsible for working on a certain list of services or performing a definite set of operations on the target object. The deployment process matches each entity and is selected by the app in automated mode.

Moreover, the Raduga is equipped with a wide array of inbuilt variables, steps, and constants with understandable and simple descriptions given in the freely available User Guide.    

Gone are the days when managers used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or other regular programs to supervise the team’s work. This time-worn approach doesn’t meet the demands of up-to-date project managing since hand processing may lead to some nuances missing. Don’t miss a chance to upgrade your app development cycle at affordable prices right now! 

No matter what industry your craft belongs to, our system’s configuration allows monitoring the workflow of your employees in the most effective and quickest way. Just download our software and began making your project less costly.

Cloud Application Development is Easier with Raduga

Cloud technologies have widely entered our life, offering the mixed benefits of desktop and web applications. Providing fast response and the ability to work offline, they aren’t attached to the local device and can be updated online. These apps give users a full set of functions without consuming any storage space, which makes them a great solution for many purposes. A well-written cloud application combines interactivity and portability, allowing you to meet the needs of your customers. Today cloud application developing became as easy and simple as never before. The Raduga developers’ suite was designed especially for various apps creation. We have made the process of software debugging, testing and deploying convenient and understandable even for beginning coders. Our product will take you business to new heights!

Why us?

  • Our app is equipped with a user-friendly interface that suggests tasks conducting flawlessly.
  • In-house SDK is reliable, scalable, secure and feature-packed. You can be sure there will be no failures due to high traffic and no malware to infect your platform. You will have all tools for successful implementing of various needed functions in your app. Finally, you will have an app that precisely fits your desires.
  • We offer 24/7 customer support service. Should you experience any troubles with our product, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our troubleshooting team. Our dedicated employees will describe you in details how to develop this or that program. The occurred issue will be solved within the shortest timeframe. We guarantee a 100% high-quality product for your company.