Raduga Simplifies Windows 8 Application Development

How to create an app for Windows 8? If this question in on your agenda today, you are on the right way visiting us. Users may write code for your Windows 8-style UI mobile application in the programming language that is ultimately convenient to them, as CC+, Visual Basic, C# or Java. If the last one is your best choice, roll out the red carpet to a breaking-through and customized Java development kit based on Oracle suite. The Raduga simplifies the entire cycle of application development, including its management and further implementation.       

Why Should Users Pick Up the Raduga Developer Suite?

  • It simplifies the code-writing stage significantly. Our program contains over 70 ready-to-use entity framework packages. In case none of them meets your requirements, each may be easily transformed into the needed one. 
  • The app management stage becomes much easier thanks to simple navigation between app objects, its saving, restoring, version comparing and migrating.  
  • Our suite comprises product lifecycle managing modules, allowing not operating with Microsoft Excel sheets.    
  • Our users receive an understandable tutorial that teaches using our suite in the efficient way.    

What Are Other Benefits of the Raduga Developer Suite?

  • Time and efforts saving
  • Interface divided into three convenient sections: private, remote server, and development area
  • The simple management of app development process  

Be sure that all working process in our app is time proven and checked since our developer team  had built an Oracle Applications platform for a long period. Just download our result-driven program and start creating your Windows 8 application in the easiest way.