The process of application development

Nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to work as an application developer. Besides, the process of studying will not lead you to any costs, because there is a huge number of information about developing of applications on the internet . You can find it everywhere - from amateur sites to wiki. In this flow of information it is very important to choose the right article or training material which will inform you clearly and sufficciently. In this article we have selected to you the most important and the most needed information about application development from top to bottom, from how to start working as an application developer to how the process of application developmen is constructed.

What means 'аplication development'

Application development is very complicated and multistep process. It includes many tasks and steps and requires solid IT- knowledge and skills. So if you want to work and progress in this sphere , you should know more about types of application development models and combine your knowledge with our forceful and free-trial tool!

The knowledge what you should have to get the job of developer

The job of aplication developer becomes more and more needed all over the world. And there's nothing weird about that because the cost of developres' work is very high, they are getting more profits than other workers all over the world.

Nowadays, the most popular and needed kind of applications is mobile applications for different Operating System like Android, IOS and Windows. Mobile phones are an integral part of our life. They have already become something more than just things for calls. Mobile phones help us comunicate through social networks, make video calls, find the right way , buy things online and so on and so forth. So, we confirm the thesis, that the sphere of application development, in particular mobile application development is very prospective and promising. To start working there you need to know a lot.

Firstly, you should know about java core. It's the base and it is logical that you must know more about it.

Secondly, you have to understan difference between JRE, JDK and JVM.

You need to know what is Heap and Stack memory in java, what is autoboxing and Generics, learn a lot about Java Collections Framework.
For sure, you should be aware of innovation in Java 8, because for today it is latest update . Learn also about JDBC, JSP, Servlets, JSTL, SQL..
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The process of application development

Like we have mentioned above the process of application dvelopment is not as easy as you would like. It contains a lot of stages and tasks, it requires a huge number of qualified workers. It goes without saying, that every of them should be not only knowledgeable in his task, he should be able to work in a team cohesively. It's manager's task to organize the number of people and coordinate their every step. Mainly, the workflow can be divided into three stages.

  1. User Story. The group of workers is examining the range of consumers. You should know a lot about your potential customer, his tastes and main needs. You need to predict problems which he could face in the process of using application.
  2. Creating of the project and design.The developing of application from top to bottom, from technical aspects to design.
  3. Testing. This stage starts when the project is finished. Workers are testing the application, in order to find there mistakes and bugs.

So, now you are aware of the basis of application development. Study hard and start your career in the most prospective sphere with Raduga!