TITLE:Tools of application manegement

Creation and managing of applications is a very multilevel and difficult process. First of all, you need to have a solid base of knowledge and extensive experience.You need to be able to organize workflow from top to bottom, taking into consideration every circumstance. You should also select every member of team and make them work together. Actually, manager of application development has a great number of tasks. In general, there are some main tools of application manegement which help us develop or control application in any stage of its lifecycle.

Management of application lifecycle is the PL(development,governance and maintenance) of web programs. First of all, It includes such tools as management of requirements, of the workflow and of release. Secondly, it also includes tools like user story, which means studying the potential user, computer programming, program design, testing of the certain program and so on and so forth.

So we see, that application lifecycle management is a number of previously decided processes, which are passing through different stages such as design, testing, developmen and so on to achieve different goals in application creatin. And, it's obviously, that during this process every stage and step should be controled and monitored.
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