Types and process of application development

What is "application development"?

Application development - is a complicated and multilevel process of creating applications . It includes many steps and require appropriate IT- knowledge and skills. So if you want to develop in this direction , you should know more about types of application development models and combine your knowledge with our powerful and free-trial tool!

Types of application development models

There are a lot of different, more or less famous types of application development models.
A lot of development life cycle models exist to achieve various required objectives. Different companies in such a big city as Toronto act in the marcet in different way, use and even creates different models to achieve their goals, so there's nothing weird about existing such a wide range of it.It goes witout saying, that it is very important to choose the most suitable one for creating your application.

As we have mentioned above, there are a lot of different application development models , for example : V model, Waterfall model, RAD model, Incremental model, Agile model, Iterative model, Spiral model, Prototype model and many others.

These days the "Agile model" is the most popular, but it doesn't means that it is the best one. What about "Whaterfall model", it is very old and even outdated. In this model testing of application starts only after finishing of development. That's why many shortcomings and mistakes are detected only at the end. "V-model" is also well-kniwn among many of the companies, becayse in that model the developer's and tester's life cycles are matched to each other. In contrast to "Whaterfall model" this model testing is parallel with the development.

From everything mentioned, we can make a conclusion that the best way to create your application easily and perfectly is to use system of the life cycle. The life cycle of the system - a stage of the process, covering various states of the system, starting from the moment of the need for such a system and ending its complete decommissioning.

Process of application development

And, finally, let's move on to the stages of creation the application. 

  1. User Story. First of all, you shold know to which category of people should this program suite. Answer to this question you can find in User Story, where it is placed. The actual ticket you can see in the picture.
  2. Creating of the project and design. At the end of creating a User Story comes the stage of design development. This step is accompanied by the use of prototypes.
  3. Testing. Testing stage begins after the completion of the development. It includes eliminating errors and inconveniences.

Now you are acquainted with the main types of application development models and with the process of application development. Your knowledge and the system of the life cycle will help you to create perfect application!